Some random stats and facts

Distance travelled in air: 24125 miles (13 flights)
Number of delays: 4 (3 in Argentina and one in London)
Distance travelled on land: 940 miles
Distance travelled on water: about 50 miles
Number of different electrical sockets used: 4
Country with least stray dogs but most dog poo on pavements: Argentina
Highest point reached: 4900m
Highest point slept at: 4200m
Number of steaks claire sent back to get cooked a little more: 4
Easter Island is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world (1290 miles from the nearest inhabited place)
The Uyuni Salt Flats are about half the size of Wales
Longest ladder climbed: 50m
Most descent on a bike in one day: 3700m from top to bottom on the most dangerous road in the world near La Paz in Bolivia

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