Highest, highest, highest.

Alot of it depends on definitions, but if you believe what they say we’ve been to the highest city in the world (Potosi) before flying into the highest international airport in the world – La Paz – which also happens to be the highest capital city in the world.
Yesterday I cycled down the most dangerous road in the world (also near La Paz and a total of about 3600m of descent). It was a bit cloudy in the middle but still good fun. It’s not nearly as dangerous as it used to be as 2 years ago they opened a proper 2 lane tamac/concrete road that goes to the same place, but in the last year it was in full use about 150 people died on (or off I suppose) it.
Right now were heading to lake titicaca (another highest) and as I write this on the bus there is a large body of water out the window so I guess we’re there.
Pic below is of part of the death road when it wasn’t too cloudy.
Update: and now one of titicaca too.

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